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Suspended ceilings

Ceilings that we offer are based on Knauf and AMF technology. They also allow you to have inspiring arrangements and new uncommon technical solutions.

Fire security

For security of your life and health and reassurance safe equipage of home interior you cannot miss anything.

All wool panels AMF are highly fire proof. Sophisticated safety system at the highest quality level measure up all requirements. This systems are said to be the best because of used methods.


Our ceilings have got a wide variety of usage, as well as in medical industry, pharmaceutical, electronic, researches and production of semiconductor. All ceiling elements fulfill all hygienic, sealing and molecule emission requirements. They also prevent a long time protection from bacteria and molds.


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Absorbing odor

Those ceilings are able to absorb the odors because of used technical solutions.


Because of its construction it provides excellent acoustic effects. Elements consist of two joined boards: one covered with glass flagstone acoustic soft-board plate and perforated plate made from mineral wool. That offers you perfect sound absorption and suppression. Another advantage is its economy, which is obtained by simple and cheap installation.


AMF suspended ceilings made from metal allow wider choice of design. You can choose: steel or aluminum which provide mechanic longevity and rigidity of the ceiling. The possibility to select different colors and types of perforation creates new opportunity to design unique presentation of the interior. The ceilings form elegant, timeless look while fulfilling all safety requirements.


All previously mentioned categories are available in different sizes of modules.