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Stretched ceilings

DPS is a type of detachable ceilings, it is worth every money invested in it. Ten year guarantee assures about ceiling's quality and unique presentation, and practical in use surface makes your life easier. There is no need in painting it, it is perfectly smooth and it is ideal camouflage for disparities, rifts and other imperfections.

Stretch ceiling DPS fulfills many purposes. It can lower to high interiors or hide installations. Used as a decoration makes great impression and makes new space. Perfectly smooth creates a glass pane effect in every color you like. With stretching ceiling we can change whole interior in one moment as well as boost comfort and add something impressive. Every DPS ceiling can be in any shape (according to your requirements and architect's arrangement) flat, oval, wave, circular, dimensional or multi-level.

DPS ceiling is very light, it doesn't weight down existing roof - one square meter weights only about 0.18 kg. Putting in light or airing systems isn't an impediment, although it requires a special tooling to be installed. However chandelier or louver doesn't need such tooling.